We focus on strategic litigation marked by steel resolve and aggressive advocacy targeting tangible outcomes.  Agile workflow and substantive client interfacing allow us to deliver a truly impressive caliber of work product with genuinely surprising efficiency.


Whether defending judgments or seeking reversals, our appellate work leverages our rich bank of legal scholarship and analytical thinking to deliver landmark results.  Our appellate advocacy is defined by powerfully persuasive brief writing and seamlessly eloquent oral argument.


We structure transactions astutely mindful of key contingencies and desired outcomes, negotiating vigorously to maximize client interests and reduce transactional risk.  Our focused efficiency marks our sophisticated practice in the transactional space, both nationally and internationally.


bespoke means custom-tailored

We pride ourselves on legal acumen that is top-shelf; legal work that is faithfully precise; and efficiencies that are simply unmatched.

we understand the big picture

We work sophisticated business matters from mergers and acquisitions to complex business litigation and the world between. Whether handling a foreign market equity acquisition in Dubai or litigating a contract dispute in the federal courts, or anything in between, we deliver truly intelligent representation at every turn.



Even a quick look at some representative matters that lawyers in our firm have handled will demonstrate the breadth, depth and sophistication our firm can deliver.